Extends the fantastic MiniProfiler and adds functionality to make it easy to use in windows based applications (E.g. console applications)

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Welcome to MiniProfiler.Windows

by nootn

Quick Start

First, install the Nuget package into your application

NOTE: If you get an error about not being able to add "System.Web" when installing the package, check that your application is set to run with target framework ".NET Framework 4" NOT ".NET Framework 4 Client Profile"!

Second, start profiling

Third, put some MiniProfiler steps around your code

Finally, stop and spit out the results formatted for debug/console friendly viewing

Or Finally, stop and spit out the structured MiniProfiler that was run for manipulation of more complicated results

See the example projects in GitHub "ConsoleApplicationSimpleExample" for a basic example or "ConsoleApplicationWithIocAndAop" for how it can be used with IOC and AOP for better code design and unobtrusive profiling of methods. Putting it all together in a simple example: